7 Motivations for Marriage

There are at least seven reasons why God made marriage we can see and believe need to be reemphasized today in every way possible.

3 Myths About Family Devos

Many Christian parents feel they should teach the Bible at home, but just don’t know how that should look.

Men & Anger

There was one thing that kept Moses out of the Promised Land: his anger.

Healing Love’s Wounds

Every pastor providing marital counseling will benefit from some basic
marriage counseling skills.

Making Room for Your Marriage

Down-sizing Your World & Up-sizing Your Spouse’s “By wisdom a house is built,and by understanding it is established;by knowledge the rooms are filledwith all precious and pleasant riches.”Proverbs 24:3-4 ESV My wife became desperate to find a way to get my attention, just seven years into our marriage. As Pamela recounts this difficult season, I was heavily […]

Improving Your Interest Rate

The Irresistible Power of a Great Question David could predict his daughter’s response. The daily dull ritual frustrated something deep within him. Picking up his twelve-year-old daughter at school every afternoon this caring dad wanted one thing – to simply engage his daughter in some meaningful conversation. Somehow, however, it was getting even more difficult […]

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