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12 Ways to Increase Your Joy

Dr. Robert Crosby

Joy is not only something felt within — it must be cultivated and practiced.

Dr. Don Lichi

Every pastor providing marital counseling will benefit from some basic marriage counseling skills.

Dr. Robert & Pamela Crosby

Several reasons God created marriage and how to rediscover them in your relationship.

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When You Don’t Feel Like Forgiving

The person who waits until they “feel” like forgiving is in for a long ordeal. Forgiveness is a decision born out of a heart and mind dependent upon God, and the only way to calm the storm of offense.

Mary Had A Little Dream

There is only one thing better than a God-given dream; that is knowing the dream-giving God.

Ten Commandments of Advice for Ministry Parents

With the Ten Commandments given to Moses as a model, here are some guidelines for ministry parents to support and encourage your family.

Leaders & Power

Christ confronted a society obsessed with power with something even more powerful than power itself — love.

Risen With Christ

The same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead can fill your soul with a sense of purpose and can fuel you with energy to serve God in life.

Crucified With Christ

Unless we look long enough at the Cross, the Resurrection will never mean nearly as much to us as it did to Christ.

Getting Through Your Gethsemanes

The events in the life of Jesus bring meaning to the events of our own. As a matter of fact, the ups and downs, the joys and challenges of our lives as Christians can be quite confusing to us unless we learn to view our lives in the revealing light of His.

Mindset: Reset

How New Thoughts Renew Our Lives

7 Motivations for Marriage

There are at least seven reasons why God made marriage we can see and believe need to be reemphasized today in every way possible.

13 Videos to Lift Your Christmas Spirit

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