Ministry Leaders

Who Pastors the Pastor?

Who Pastors the Pastor?

Healthy churches are formed best by healthy pastors and leaders. While doing the work of ministry — preaching, teaching, counseling, and leading — it is easy for pastors and leaders to neglect the needs of their own lives and souls.

For 50 years, Emerge has been supporting, training, and counseling pastors, missionaries, and church leaders from all 50 states and around the world. We have a team of counselors, mental health professionals, and speakers who specialize in the needs of pastors and their families.

Common Issues

In a recent survey, pastors and ministry leaders shared their biggest challenges and present issues.

These were the top responses:

Feeling depressed or anxious

Feeling lonely

Lack of exercise; being overweight

Being tired and having no energy

Emotional stress with spouse or family

Intimacy issues in marriage

Feeling criticized by others

Financial stresses

Fear of failure

Unable to feel relaxed

Due to a local winter storm warning, Emerge Counseling Ministries will be closed Friday, January 19th and will reopen pending improved weather conditions. We are offering telehealth appointments only pending the clinician’s availability to do so.