New Soul Support Service for Ministry Leaders

Receive soul care support from mental health clinicians

Maintain wholeness and balance in your life and ministry work

Monthly interactive sessions offered remotely

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Every minister needs a place to regularly get help in maintaining their wellness.
Dr. Anita Philips

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Who Pastors the Pastor?

MinistryCare is a new service designed for church and ministry leaders to receive non-diagnostic soul care support from mental health clinicians and maintain wholeness and equilibrium in their life and work. These sessions serve as consistent checkpoints for healthy soul care.

Emerge is launching a six-month Beta Period of MinistryCare to begin in September 2024. We are currently recruiting church leaders, staff members, and missionaries to participate in this first group and receive at least one MinistryCare session per month.

A regular “checkpoint” for healthy soul care practice in ministry and the cultivation of wholeness in living.

A place to slow down and order our time, desires, and thoughts to counteract selfishness, impulsiveness, or hurried fogginess of mind.

Provided by a team of licensed mental health professionals who are “established” in their faith journey.

Focused on soul strength and growth to support the journey of living a life of faith from the heart.

Different from counseling, MinistryCare sessions provide soul support rather than a clinical diagnosis.

Benefits of Counseling + MinistryCare

How MinistryCare is Different

While counseling at Emerge focuses on the healing of the soul, MinistryCare will focus on the maintenance of the soul. Below is a side-by-side comparison to explore the benefits of each and the unique role they play in mental health and soul care.


Ministry Care

Provides clinical diagnoses & remedies 

Provides personal soul support for living

Involves tests, inventories, & evaluations 

Involves “check-in points” & affirmation

Charts conflicts & challenges in one’s life

Charts God’s presence at work in your life story

Detects mental health challenges

Discovers personal potential and soul care

Engages disequilibrium in life 

Helps maintain equilibrium in life

Addresses the healing of soul wounds

Focuses on the pursuit of wholeness

Includes corrective steps

Includes preventative steps

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Common Questions

During a MinistryCare session, you will remotely interact with a licensed clinician from Emerge in a private and anonymous setting with a focus of providing a safe space. A screener from Emerge will help assign clients to an appropriate clinician.

During the Beta Period, clients will be asked to complete a few brief anonymous surveys that will assist Emerge in continually improving this new service.

MinistryCare sessions will occur online once a month for each client with their assigned clinician. The Beta Period will run from September 2024 through February 2025. The plan is to continue and expand these services in March 2025.

MinistryCare sessions will be offered for $120 per session. However, during the Beta Period, that amount will be reduced to $99 per session. The sessions may be paid in advance for the total period or by monthly via a credit card.
The registration deadline for the Beta Group is August 15, 2024. Click here to register now.

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Due to a local winter storm warning, Emerge Counseling Ministries will be closed Friday, January 19th and will reopen pending improved weather conditions. We are offering telehealth appointments only pending the clinician’s availability to do so.