Life was pulling us in two different directions. The marriage we hoped to have the day we married was a distant hope. By the time we both recognized just how far away from each other we had drifted emotionally, we feared it may be too late to recover our relationship.

The communication and understanding we once enjoyed in our relationship had disintegrated. In its place was a wife consumed with the responsibilities of motherhood and a man becoming more in love with his work than his wife. The combination was suffocating and devastating.

Counseling was the last thing on our minds, but the thing we needed most. Our hesitation was concern about what others would think. Add to that – we were pastors and spiritual “leaders” of a local church. We were supposed to the “examples”, the “perfect couple.”

Once we agreed to go to Emerge for counseling, we had to swallow the things that were hurting us anyway – such as our pride, our patterns of behavior and our fears. I am so glad we got to that place. To put it simply – Emerge saved our marriage. We both hope you will watch our story video and hear more about how this happened.


Due to a local winter storm warning, Emerge Counseling Ministries will be closed Friday, January 19th and will reopen pending improved weather conditions. We are offering telehealth appointments only pending the clinician’s availability to do so.