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Clinical Teams

Emerge offers a variety of teams for clinicians to participate in so that they continue to collaborate, consult, train, receive support, and launch new initiatives in various areas of clinical interest.

Our hope is to continue to offer a broad range of clinical interest teams so that each clinician finds a place to further cultivate their giftings. All clinical teams are currently meeting via Microsoft Teams.

The following teams are open and available for any clinicians to participate in. Clinicians are welcome to join and participate in these teams even if it is not a clinical area they are currently practicing in. Please contact the team leader if you are interested in a particular team in order to receive a Microsoft Teams meeting invite through email as well as be added to the email list to stay informed about resources and initiatives from the team.


Clinical All-Team Meeting

Leader: Dr. David Blankenship PhD, LPCC-S  (Email)
Meets: First Thursday of the month • 11am–12pm

The Clinical All-Team Meeting (CATM) is a monthly meeting that all clinicians from all sites within the Emerge Counseling family are invited to attend in order to connect and stay updated. At CATMs, we will communicate new policies and procedures, highlight information that might have previously been sent out via email, share what is going on throughout the Emerge Counseling organization, share resources and referrals, and have times of connection and prayer as clinical staff. All clinicians will automatically be invited to attend this meeting.


Trauma Team

Leader: Claire Gau, MA, LPCC-S, LICDC  (Email)
Meets: Second Thursday of the month • 11am–12pm

The Trauma Team is an educational and engaging environment for clinicians who desire to develop and advance skills related to the care of trauma victims across the lifespan, while also fostering resiliency and self-care as a clinician working with the complex needs of survivors. This team endeavors to build competency in the delivery of trauma-informed care, ranging from fundamental to advanced interventions, methods, and approaches. Participants in this team will learn effective ways to integrate biblical theology into various treatment modalities, theories, and every stage of trauma recovery.


Child & Adolescent Team

Leaders: Katti Kern, LPCC, IMFT (Email) + Tina Likovetz, MA, MFT (Email)
Meets: Second Thursday of the month • 12pm–1pm

The purpose of the Child and Adolescent Therapy Team is to build greater connection, a sense of community and competence for those of us on the team. We do that through our monthly meetings by taking time to check in with one another personally and professionally, spending time in prayer, sharing resources with one another, and having space to consult and share expertise with the team around issues related to treating children and adolescents.


Group Therapy Team

Leader: Maribeth Lieberth MA, LPCC  (Email)
Meets: Third Thursday of the month • 12pm–1pm

The Group Therapy Team meets to discuss current group issues and process challenges group leaders may be experiencing. In addition, our time together includes: assessing need and supporting each other in the development of potential new groups, discussing relevant research and development related to group therapy, sharing resources, and identifying and addressing potential barriers to the success of group therapy at Emerge. You do not have to currently be leading a group therapy client experience to be a part of this team. Any clinician who is interested in learning more or contributing to the growth of Group Therapy programming at Emerge is welcome.


Ministers Enrichment Team (MET)

Leader: Jason Tourville, MA  (Email)
Meets: Fourth Thursday of the month • 11am–12pm

The Ministers Enrichment Team (MET) was formed to support the overall mission and vision of Emerge Counseling Ministries by providing research, resources, teaching, training, treatment, and care for this specialized population. As needs are identified we will provide high quality, timely, and relevant preventative resources that will be readily accessible through various means of distribution.

Ongoing roles and tasks of the MET:

  • Research updates
  • Diversity to include racial, ethnic, gender, and denominational considerations
  • Communication with referring organizations
  • Report writing and recommendations for restoration programs
  • Outreach, workshops, seminars, podcasts, and blog posts with ministers as the target audience
  • Working to bring health to those in ministry (Body, Mind, Emotions, Relationships, Spiritual Formation)
  • Re-examination of and updates of Emerge Counseling core models


Marriage & Family Team

Leaders: Katti Kern, LPCC, IMFT (Email) + Tina Likovetz, MA, MFT (Email)
Meets: Fourth Thursday of the month • 12pm–1pm

The Marriage & Family Team is focused on providing support, education, case consultation, and training in areas of relational counseling. This team assists clinicians who provide counseling services such as couples counseling, family counseling, pre-marital, and marital counseling.

Due to a local winter storm warning, Emerge Counseling Ministries will be closed Friday, January 19th and will reopen pending improved weather conditions. We are offering telehealth appointments only pending the clinician’s availability to do so.